Turkish cuisine owes much of its heritage to the Ottoman Empire cuisine.This specific dish, Mahmudiye  which dates back to 16th century is named...

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Kotleti Po-Kievski

This dish is considered Ukrainian in origin and takes its name from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. "Kotlety po-kievski" is seasoned butter rolled...

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Stuffed Chicken

The most common type of poultry in the world is chicken. People love chicken for its great taste, healthfulness, budget friendliness and low fat...

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Honey Flavored Chicken Wings

Today here in İstanbul at an activity organized by Anavarza Bal (Anavarza Honey) I was privileged to meet a great woman who describes herself "a...

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Circassian Chicken

Circassian chicken made its way into Turkish cuisine during the Ottoman period when the Ottoman Empire controlled much of the region now known as...

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Turkish Magluba

 Magluba  is said to be an old Middle Eastern dish. Magluba literally means,"upside down".  This recipe is an upside down rice dish cooked with...

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Baglan veya Yeni Kayit

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