Cafe Du Levant /Istanbul

The minute you enter Cafe du Levant a warm ambiance of Paris envelopes you. You feel as if you were in a bistro in Paris. As I was ushered inside by a very courteous attendant , the first thing that attracted my attention was a magnificient antique porcelain bust of a woman.  All the antique pieces and accesories must have been neatly and scrupulously chosen from France.

Antique chairs and tables, art-nouveau style colourful glass separators between tables , old paintings and hats and bags from the old times.... all these among many other delightful details are worth seeing.

With linen table cloths, lace curtains, lighting, coloured glass ceiling tiles from a bistro in France, opera posters from past performances, sweet smelling dainty flowers carefully placed on the tables, Cafe du Levant is a totally different world within Istanbul.

The dishes prepared by two chefs, one from Turkey, the other from France are heavenly! Their kitchen and menu , ready to serve all throughout the day, is very successsful in terms of taste, quality and service.

What do you think I chose from the menu? ?

Salmon was the entree that I preferred. It came garnished with vegetables in warm butter and wine sauce. Simply delicious ! The currant-raisin bread served along with this was special. I followed their advice for the choice of wine and chose the mild and savory Turkish Cabarnet Sauvignon Merlot .

For the the main dish I went for  'Tenderloin steak with mushroom sauce' which was a delight in itself. The meat melted in my mouth, the sauce was very appetizing and the French fries that accompanied them were very tasty.

My friend chose ?Baked Sea Bass ? It was served with a sumptuous fennel sauce which deserved our appreciation .

?Chocolate Sufflee with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce? was such a temptation that I couldn?t resist it and willingly gave in and   I savored every morsel.

As we were sipping our coffee, I promised myself to come back to this restaurant, take this romantic trip to Paris again and spoil myself one more time .

Cafe Du Levant

0212 369 66 07
0212 369 94 50
Hasköy/ istanbul



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