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During my four-day trip to London my first restaurant visit was to  “Daphne’s” of whose reputation I had heard . No need to say, we had booked a table in advance  knowing that going there without  a reservation was out of the question.

My experience there proved to go far beyond my expectations! With exquisite dishes within a romantic atmosphere,  my friends and I had a splendid evening .  
“Daphne’s” is an elite, ritzy restaurant in London’s South Kensington district. With its soft caramel coloured diffused lighting and chic ambiance it is one of the haunts of many celebrities. The highlight feature of this place is  naturally the dishes it serves.

The  highly professionel staff  serve the most appetizing , sumptuous and exotic dishes of  classic Italian cuisine  in an overwhelming ambiance.
All the dishes are top class quality: the pizzas,  both the classic and covered types prepared in front of us, spaghetti dishes, risotto types and the fried courgette sticks  dipped in Parmesan  cheese-  a dish I never had enough of -, they are all to die for.

But before tasting these heavenly dishes, my humble recommendation is to order one of the sea food appetizers.  Especially the Ravioli with crayfish and courgette is well-known. The wines are selected to go with the dishes served. The prices are reasonable compared to the dishes.  
“Daphne’s” is a restaurant with a unique romantic atmosphere where you can be sure to
taste most savoury and mouthwatering dishes and have a delightful time . It ‘s enchanting ambiance is almost thrilling.

“Daphne’s”  is located  at Bromton Cross, between Chelsa and South Kensington.
Its location is ideal for having lunch after a visit to Royal Albert Hall, Science Museum, Natural Museum, Royal Court or after shopping  at Knightsbridge and Kings Road.

dress: 112 Draycott Avenue, London SW3 3AE, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 20 7589 4257





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