Local Markets

Turkey is famous with its local markets called ? PAZAR? in Turkish. Though the word is related to ?BAZAAR?  it means an open marketplace that is set up weekly in all the residential regions of a city .

In these marketplaces one can buy all kinds of local produce, such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, spices, olives, honey besides such items as clothing textiles, carpets , kitchenware and many more... You can be sure that all the food and local produce you buy at a PAZAR are super fresh and delicious.

Bodrum, where I spend around 6 months each year , with its endless beaches, beautiful sunset, blue cruises, street bars, night clubs, restaurants, fish markets, marinas, market places and gentle breezes has become a favorite for vacationers. The attractive markets are open 7 days a week, displaying their colourful wares and delicious fragrances which makes shopping a delight there.

Markets and the local people who bring their produce to the marketplace are one of the greatest pleasures and attractions for tourists, with their lively personalities, oriental scenes, fresh products. Market shopping itself is also  a great experience and great bargains can be found if you are prepared to haggle for them.

On Tuesdays, the textile market in Bodrum is very famous, with multi-coloured local fabrics, kilims, carpets, kitchenware and clothing of all kinds on sale  from all over the  region. The food market is on Thursdays and Fridays. On the market stalls mouth-watering cheeses  of all shape, size, flavour and colour are   displayed.

Fresh curd cheese, numerous types of Tulum cheese, cottage cheese, goat cheese, fresh and mature Kasar cheeses, various types of white cheese and many more  attract an audience eager to buy and try many types, choosing one or two out of many in this richness of variety is the most difficult part.

The same is  true for choosing olives : Black olives, dark green olives, light green olives, çizik (slashed) olives and kırma (crushed) olives. Olives that go well with drinks , olives that go into salads, olives ideal for breakfast, olives for pizzas the list goes on and on.

If a Fauve Painter had had the chance to visit a Turkish marketplace, the scene would have been a feast for his eyes and his painting would be a feast for our eyes.The richness of variety in Turkish marketplaces is worth seeing.




Baglan veya Yeni Kayit

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