Is Food Art?

" What is art?" asks Tolstoy in his essay/ book and answers his question by saying : " Art is an activity the origins of which go deep down to the creation of Man and an urge which will manifest itself in Man's nature till the end of time".

Art is indeed creativity- authentic and free of any bonds. It  takes discipline, self-confidence, suitable circumstances and most of all devotion to the branch of art to create and to capture your dreams. Given all these, I would say : " Yes, cooking is a form of art" .

I created this blog as a hobby after my retirement and I cherish it highly. My approach to  the dishes that I create  without any thought of profit is like that of a divine ritual. When we talk of 'art' within the context of cuisine, would it be too much to call the person an "artist" who does the cooking, who converts that which she has cooked  into  "taste and gusto"  and documents and presents it with photos?

Regardless of its branch, "art" in my opinion is creativity by giving free reign to imagination and delivering the finished "work" to the society. Of  the two major points that present themselves in the art of cooking, one is related to aesthetics, the other one is the ingredients and the techniques.

Though I accept the fact that it takes talents to cook  and some people are more talented,  I firmly believe that anyone can cook well provided he/she has the motivation and the self-discipline.

Since each culture in the world had its cuisine, the culture and the cuisine of a society are tightly inter-related. Thanks to internet, we can reach them all.

I am the happiest person in the world when I put on the table the dishes I have created by using my imagination and contributed to the taste and the appearance of them. My web-site about cooking,  I believe, is a matter of love and devotion and accumulation.

In my web-site I give the detailed recipes for all my dishes, I have photographed each step in every recipe to make them more explicit. Thanks to my web-site and advanced technology I share my cuisine art with my close friends and their contacts and the world at large.

To achieve this, I try to make the best use of social media. I think this advanced technology in communication has contributed to the development of cuisine art by opening new horizons for it.

Yes, cooking is a form of art and to achieve this we shouldn't hesitate to set our imagination free, we should try over and over again until we walk out the kitchen victorious, having turned the ingredients in our hands into dishes fit for a feast both visually and taste-wise.   




Baglan veya Yeni Kayit

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